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Useful links

Here are some useful links conserning the comic:
Taint of Exile's homesite
Taint of Exile's mirror site at drunkduck
Myths, culture and feelings from ancient Finland

The last link is up so that you may find information of the mythology and history of Finland which has affected this story a lot.

The happenings of Taint of Exile are placed in history on the time of Vikings. Prohent, which is the kingdom in this story, is completely from my head, but they serve Finnish gods which Finns themselves served before Christianity came to Finland.

Finland is a country between Sweden and Russia in Northern Europe. That's for those who don't know of this little country XP

If we want to place Prohenta on the map it would be about at the border of Sweden and Finland in the Lapland.

Nauttikaa tarinasta ja pitäkää hauskaa!!
Enjoy the story and have fun!

posted by winzrella @ April 11th, 2006, 5:43 am   0 Comments