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» Comics - Loyalty: cover - January 18th, 2009, 11:28 pm

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The Management Says:
winzrella, January 10th, 2009, 4:34 am

This cover art has a lot of things in it that tell about the upcoming chapter and of the name I gave to it.
I can't tell you everything it hints about, but I want to tell some small things that you should maybe keep in mind while reading the chapter.

These three characters are already introdused before in the comic and now these three are the main actors of this chapter. Viator does show up in this chapter, but his role is not as important as the roles of these three.
The title "Loyalty" refers to all these three in its own way. This chapter will teatch us more of them and the different ways they express their loyalty to Prohenta.

This chapter is also vert important for the very plot of TOE because from here we get to the actual story. The introductions are over now. Now the real thing begings.

This chapter and especially its first half is hard for me to do both art and storywise so I truly hope I will succeed in getting out what is needed for you to understand everything. There are some places in the layout plan that I will have to replan, but I have decided to replan them depending on how you understand what I try to show and how I feel the moment those pages would take place.

If there is something in the future pages which is either confusing or in any other way hard to understand please point it out. Me and my sister have gone trough my plan for the chapter, but we could be blind for things you are not.

After this at some point I will upload the cover art with out the extra things both at the homesite and at DA. So if you want to see cover art alone go to either of those places some days later.

I think that's enough for now.

Catqueen13: I think Kaj liked it since she told me she put it on her wall :P
And yes, the read makes Kati stand out which is better, I think, than a forest background where she would just disappear because of her colors.

Some_unknown_dude: Thanks. The colors went well. The scanner didn't scan the exact colors so Kaj will now be the only one who can enjoy the very original coloring :D

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